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Home Consignment

Over the past few years, we have had the pleasure of helping many clients downsize, purge and organize their homes.  Many items are no longer needed and finding a good home for them is not always so easy.  Items can be listed on Facebook Marketplace or other various buy and sell sites for sale, but there can be many downfalls to this, message management, no-shows, privacy, and other things that can be frustrating time suckers! 

We have decided to help with this and expand our Cleaning and Organizing business by opening a store front Home Consignment Store!  We will be open to the public and will also advertise the items online through our Spotless & Sorted website.

Our new venture is scheduled to open at our new Aberdeen location in middle to late fall and we will be accepting items starting September 14th by appointment only.  If you are a current, past, or future client, we would be happy to help sell your unwanted items for you.  Even if you have not used our cleaning or organizing services, we are also happy to help!

Our vision is to sell a variety of household items, that are in good to excellent used or new and clean condition- no junk please! 

For an appointment, please email and use “Consignment” in the subject line.

This is an exciting time for us to expand our business with passion for keeping useful items out of landfills by finding new homes for them and helping our clients keep their spaces Spotless and Sorted! 

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